Buying a home is an exciting and exhilarating time. Between the time your offer is accepted, and when you finally have keys in hand and you are ready to step into your new home, it can be stressful. The escrow period, also known as the closing, can take the most easygoing home buyer to the brink of insanity if you let it.

After you have negotiated your best price and come to an agreement, there are ways to make the closing process less anxiety-provoking. Here are some tips from us to help you get through closing without losing your cool.

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Trust Your Team

Trust your real estate agent to walk you through the entire process is key to a smoothly closing escrow. Rely them to do their job, but don’t be afraid to express any anxieties, and lean on them during negotiations and inspections. They are the experts, so ask questions and ask for advice, but try not to second guess their guidance or recommendations.

Your additional trusted partner is your mortgage professional. They know how important the financing piece is to this equation and they will be sure to know your timeline and be available to answer questions and assist you throughout this process. Make sure you follow your mortgage advisor’s instructions carefully! There is a lot of money on the line in this business, so any deviation from protocol can mean you won’t be able to close that day – even if you are already physically there and ready for the keys.

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Follow Their Direction

Chaos rarely inspires confidence. Stay on top of all paperwork and make sure you sign and return everything to your lender promptly to eliminate delays. The lender and escrow company want the sale to close in a timely fashion, too, so don’t slow them down by being disorganized or failing to return important documentation such as income tax information or bank statements.

Make sure you follow your mortgage advisor’s instructions carefully! There is a lot of money on the line in this business, so any deviation from protocol can mean you won’t be able to close that day…

Keep Everything In Perspective

No home is perfect, so be prepared for inspections that bring some daunting news. Ask to be present when the inspections are performed. The more information you have about your prospective home, the better you will be prepared to negotiate for repairs before they surprise you in the future.

Ask for credits and repairs as needed, but try to remain objective. Some seemingly minor fixer projects can lead to a much longer time table. You may decide that, when considering the bigger picture and a timely transaction, a couple thousand dollars might not actually be a worth negotiating.

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Be Flexible

Retain as much flexibility as possible during the closing process and focus on the big picture, rather than all of the details. When opening escrow, ask your mortgage advisor to give you an overview of the expected timeline from beginning to end, but know that this timeline relies on you promptly submitting all documentation and signing all papers. Knowing what to expect, and when as well as being aware of projected milestones goes a long way in reducing anxiety. You can, and should, ask to be notified when important milestones are reached.

Unfortunately, while you might have it penciled in on your calendar, it’s common for closing dates to change. This is normal, so try to keep that in mind to curb disappointment. Instead of thinking of your closing date as set in stone, think of it as a flexible target. Do not book movers until the last minute, so you won’t be stressed if your belongings are all packed in a truck and the closing date is set forward a day or two.

Keep Calm and Reflect!

This is an important time to take care of yourself. Take a run, meditate, or do yoga. Read a book or enjoy a hobby. Moving can be a physically taxing event, so take the time now to relax before the big move. Most of all, enjoy it! The big day will eventually arrive and it will be a huge milestone in your life, so take it all in and bask in your accomplishment of being a homeowner.

Before you know it, you will be moving into your new home. Being informed, staying organized and taking care of yourself are key elements. Most important, though, is to rely on your trained professionals to guide you through this process and help to ensure a stress-less closing.

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